Angela Hammontree

Recordings: 2003 – 2007

by Angela Hammontree

Released 2008
Released 2008
Passionate, candid songwriting and gritty, soaring vocals. If you like powerful singers and honest lyrics, this artist is for you.
Angela Hammontree is a native Seattle-area singer/songwriter known for her huge pipes, hook-filled songwriting, and uncompromising lyrics. Her music blends the classic sensibilities of such NW predecessors as Heart and Alice In Chains with a healthy dose of sly humor and punk attitude. Her considerable vocal talent has been called reminiscent of many top-notch artists (everyone from Bonnie Raitt to Chris Cornell), but she has cultivated a delivery that is truly her own.

Recordings: 2003 -- 2007 compiles all Angela's recordings to date: Demo 2007 (Am I Alone, Palm of My Hand, Murder! Murder!), 2006's No Sympathy EP (No Sympathy, I Stay Empty, Stuck Inside), and 2003's Life to Waste EP (I'd Rather Fly, Wrecking Ball, Riverside, Life to Waste). Buy this album and discover why Angela's passionate songwriting and gutsy vocal style make her an artist to be reckoned with in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.